ArduinoJson: API Reference



Creates a JsonObject as a child of the current object.

JsonObject& createNestedObject(const char* key) const;
JsonObject& createNestedObject(const String& key) const; // <- duplicates key
JsonObject& createNestedObject(const std::string& key) const; // <- duplicates key

key: the key of the object in the object, can be a const char* or a const String&


When you add a value using a String or a std::string for key, a copy of the string is made, causing the JsonBuffer to grow. The memory allocated for the copy will only be freed when the whole JsonBuffer is discarded. To avoid this behavior, use a const char* key instead.

Return value

A reference to the new JsonObject. You can check JsonObject::success() to verify that the allocatio succeeded.

StaticJsonBuffer<256> jsonBuffer;
JsonObject& root = jsonBuffer.createObject();
root["city"] = "Paris";
JsonObject& weather = root.createNestedObject("weather");
weather["temp"] = 14.2;
weather["cond"] = "cloudy";

will print

  "city": "Paris",
  "weather": {
    "temp": 14.20,
    "cond": "cloudy"
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